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Project duration

4 months


GIRO is known and trusted around the world for innovative software solutions that are transforming and catapulting the transportation and postal industry into the digital age. But their website was dated and under performing, and didn't reflect the brand's innovative spirit and expertise.

As a forward-thinking company, they needed a partner who could revamp their online presence with a website that integrated with their current systems, could easily be adapted for multiple languages, and be flexible enough to scale and expand as their needs grew. They chose us.


  • Big mandate and short timeline
  • A flexible solution to integrate seamlessly with current and future systems
  • The need for a CMS that could easily and rapidly deploy multiple sites/languages


  • Digital Advisory and Enterprise Website integration partner to guide GIRO's revamped online presence
  • Built the foundation for an innovative, efficient and evolving website that GIRO can manage autonomously
  • Enabled a rich, value-added content offering to serve their various customer segments and HR needs around the world

Added value

  • The security, dependability and strong developer community of Umbraco open-source CMS as their new enterprise website platform
  • Integration with Lanteria HR on Sharepoint 2016 to invigorate recruitment of top talent
  • The ability to add/translate content in new languages without new deployments

As a company operating in more than 25 countries, we had particular challenges including multilingual content management and global web presence. Yaksa's team understood our different challenges and offered scalable solutions tailored to our needs.

Isabelle Grégoire
Group Manager, Marketing Communications, GIRO

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