Who we are

In addition to being expert software developers, we're also business success advisors, problem solvers and decisive achievers.


What we do

Our mission is to help enterprises get the maximum value from their digital investments. 


How we do it

We don't just think out of the box, for us, there is no box. Our clients come to us with a problem, and we find a way to solve it.


No matter the complexities,
we deliver.

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Agile. Supportive. Driven.


Projects that excite us 


- Multi markets, multi channels, multi brands
- Complex and challenging integrations
- Large, complex technical ecosystems


- Fast moving with important deadlines
- Not cookie-cutter
- Currently under performing

Large scale

- International business
- Huge strategic importance
- High volume/revenue
- Long-term, evolving projects

Performance focused

- Minimal business disruption
- Quick load times
- Maximize ROI
- Powerful, robust, scalable

When we formed Yaksa a couple of years ago, we committed to taking on every project with a never-give-up attitude to find the most innovative, reliable and results-driven solution, no matter how complex.

What makes us unique is that not only do we have IT in our blood, we're people persons who have business in our veins. We pride ourselves on delivering the best solutions, service and support with no business disruption.


Nils Cayrol
CEO, Yaksa

Certifications and partnerships

International Software Testing Qualifications Board - Silver Parter 

Yaksa's commitment to deliver quality software is recognized through our ISTQB® Silver Partnership.
Our certified team leaves no bugs behind. 

We're committed to giving back

We care about making a difference in our community by supporting charities closely linked to our values. Each year, Yaksa sponsors cancer research in Canada, as well as organizations that encourage the next-generation to persist in school and live healthy and active lifestyles.

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Complexity is our middle name.