Guiding principles


Visibility and transparency

Trust is key to successful IT projects and respecting reasonable commitments, especially when new challenges arise. We ensure you're constantly in the loop so together we make the best decisions for the well-being of the project and for your company.


Delivery on time and without chaos

We don't get distracted or sidelined by shiny objects. We'll maintain focus at all times, working on only the most value-added aspects of a project, increasing productivity and getting the most return on time invested (yours and ours). 


Digital security and ethics

Real-time security, integrity and continuous improvement are things we take extremely seriously. We work tightly with your team to ensure you have full transparency and that your needs are respected and met at all times. 


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3-step methodology:


Working with you, we plan structured workshops to gather all information needed to establish scope, vision and work effort. With minimal disruptions to your daily operations.


An iterative approach using agile methodology allows us to bring you in throughout the process, constantly refining to ensure functionalities are prioritized according to added value.


Our roll-out strategy includes dedicated training for digital best practices and ongoing support, to ensure you become operationally  autonomous as quickly as possible. 

Engagement Models

Project Based

Recommended for single or pilot projects with clearly defined requirements.

Based on your needs, we'll assemble the best team of experts to get the job done.

Dedicated Team

To ensure fast delivery of added value and to complement your internal teams.

You'll work closely with the most specialized teams based on your company's priorities.


Support and Evolution

This approach is ideal for long-term projects with defined constraints and requirements.

We take charge of supporting your applications and evolve them according to your priorities.

Operating Modes

Time and Material

This model is ideal for complex projects where specifications and design inevitably change. We opt for the time and material model to offer you flexibility and allow you to modify project requirements continuously according to your company's priorities and constraints. 


This option is for complex, long-term projects with clearly identified phases. This model allows for better progress tracking and reduces the risks associated with large-scale projects.

Fixed Budget

For projects requiring a rapid time to market on fixed budget cap, we agree on a high-level scope based on the core business objectives. As the project progresses, we refine the project scope and proactively propose, adjust and track deliverables to ensure the objectives are reached in the agreed upon budget. 

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