The challenges of digital transformation for eCommerce success have multiplied and intensified since the Covid-19 pandemic changed our world. Business and IT leaders are faced with juggling digital transformation, investing in cutting-edge websites and eCommerce platforms, while cutting budgets and IT resources. Seamless and efficient digital experiences for your workforce and customers are equally critical. Here are five business trends for 2021 to help tackle the challenges on your road to digital dominance.

Meeting consumer expectations

Online purchasing, next-day fulfillment, mandated social distancing and work-from-home accessibility are revolutionizing what we need, what we buy and how we buy it. B2B, B2C, and B2X eCommerce has catapulted into a new stratosphere that is becoming the new norm. To survive, brands must fully embrace investing in resilient websites and eCommerce solutions that serve the needs of their employees and customers.  


Improving customer experience

Customer experience satisfaction should significantly improve as companies are forced to re-focus their priorities and dig deep into delivering what really matters to customers. But customer loyalty is extremely fickle and there is a very low tolerance for poor experiences. Organizations must invest in cloud-based back-end systems to unify processes, optimize operations and ensure customers enjoy the frictionless, omni-channel shopping experiences they demand. And be ready to pivot when unexpected and unprecedented needs arise.


Big business for B2B

There’s a new way of doing business for B2B buyers and marketers, and it all comes down to the adoption of new technologies and access to the new gold for growth - data. In the least, empowering customers to better customize and manage their purchases online is a win-win for organizations and buyers. Add to that the opportunities for new DTC (direct-to-consumer) revenue streams which are allowing companies to dream bigger. Plus, having access to all that customer data enables them to launch relevant new products and services, and take control of their digital commerce future success.  


Reinventing for disruption

As CMOs tackle the ramifications of losing customer loyalty to product and service availability, they must find a way to disrupt the disrupters. It’s time to reassess, roll up their sleeves and get down in the trenches of the customer journey to deliver exceptional experiences that will earn loyalty. That means a renewed collaboration with CIOs to share the responsibilities of digital transformation, identify challenges and priorities, and implement solutions that are agile, scalable and bring quick wins as they progress.


Cloud-first technology

Speed, agility, security and scalability, four non-negotiables in building a modern, future-proof digital commerce infrastructure. Working with implementation partners, organizations can assess their current technology and see how to maximize their potential with the best cloud solutions and SaaS (software as a Service). The power of cloud enables a faster and more agile way to focus on building feature-sets and capabilities that deliver faster ROI, so organizations can get in the digital commerce race and make an impact.  

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