When looking for a new workplace, we’re often presented with the same driving factors: insurance, vacation, competitive salary and opportunity for advancement. Although we offer these same benefits, we believe that a job is much more than lines on a contract. Want to find out if our agency is a good fit for you? Here's a little look at what makes Yaksa the coolest geek club in town!

A close-knit team

What could be better than a fun 5 à 7 to breathe a little after a productive week of work? Each month (minimum!), we hold an after hours activity to bring everyone together. Arcades, cooking classes, new restaurants to discover, quiz night... everything you need to have a good time!

Beyond our 5 à 7’s, we also leave the city for larger-scale activities. The sugar shack is a spring staple and off-site team building activities are also a great way to strengthen our bonds and get to know colleagues we don’t have a chance to talk with on a daily basis.

"Everytime the team travels to do an activity, we create fun memories. As soon as I was hired, I felt well integrated and was quickly able to build strong relationships with my colleagues. The 5 à 7’s are a not-to-be-missed event for all Yaksa members: it's a tradition that we hold dearly!"
- Kyane Toudjian


Office Life 4.0

Flexibility is at the heart of our agency. We therefore offer our team a hybrid work environment that allows them to choose whether they work from their home or office. That doesn't stop us from staying connected, though! Even at a distance, our bond is strong.

In addition, we give everyone the opportunity to establish their work schedule in order to optimize efficiency, allowing for a better work-life balance. We want to maintain this balance and believe in the benefit of breaks for better productivity.

 "Having the freedom to build my schedule allows me to do the activities I enjoy and be there for my family, while continuing to develop my career. It's truly the best of both worlds!"
- David Drouin-Prince


In the center of it all

Our downtown office provides a strategic location synonymous with accessibility. Our office is located at Peel Station, a few minutes' walk from the Green Line. When the weather is good, it is also possible to come by bike or borrow a BIXI during the spring and summer months. This allows for easy travel, regardless of your starting point, and to be able to enjoy the attractions of downtown in the evening. Take the opportunity to explore the city and discover all the reasons that make Montreal an exceptional place to work.

It is also the perfect place for foodies. Several incredible restaurants are available to you, just steps from the office. Among our favorites, we find Dunn's (the classic smoked meat in Montreal), the excellent burgers of Mister Steer and Olly's Fresco, for its buffets as varied as they are delicious.

Don't want to go out for lunch? Our office is a friendly meeting place that offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You will find a small kitchenette that contains coffee, tea and food to boost your energy!  All-in-all, we offer a stimulating work environment with its share of benefits.


Is it an environment that sounds enticing to you? Check out our job offers to join our team!