Looking for a dynamic new ecosystem? Montreal is a great option for those who want to work for a living – not the other way around! Here are some reasons that make this city a great place to grow professionally.


1. A high-tech city

Montréal stands out for its unique skills in the tech fields. It ranks 5th in the world in the video game industry and also has reputable film studios that continue to attract popular franchises.

Aerospace, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and information and communications technologies (ICT) are also fields of expertise strongly recognized both here and internationally.

To support demand and maintain excellence, the city is attracting more and more professionals with creative and innovative talent. Employment opportunities in these fields are numerous and offer great career prospects. It is an outstanding incubator for developing strong skills in stimulating industries!


2. A strategic starting point for an adventure

No need for a car to get to your destination! Whether you want to explore its different neighbourhoods or discover new regions, Montreal offers all the necessary means of transportation to quench your thirst for adventure.

With three airports and 90-minute flights to iconic cities such as New York, Toronto or Boston, it's easy to discover the North American continent. Many buses also cross the province to take you to the more remote regions of Quebec.

From a local point of view, the STM's transit network connects all the city's boroughs both on and under the ground. Do more than the classic metro-work-sleep and go on an adventure at one of its 68 stations.

Want to take a breath of fresh air after a day behind a screen? The city of Montreal also offers a bike rental system during the summer. BIXI Montreal has more than 9,000 bikes spread over the 800 stations throughout the territory.


3. An environment where it is good to live (and work!)

The cultural diversity found in Montreal contributes to its vibrant and colourful environment. It is the most bilingual city in Canada and has more than a hundred languages spoken. It is a rich environment in which to evolve.

Moreover, Montreal is not a grey and dull city: there are more than 1200 neighborhood parks and 19 large parks. The greenery spreads to the alleys, which are sometimes laid out in small city gardens. So you can live in the city, without compromising on your need for nature.

With respect to employment, the work week is set at 40 hours. The days usually end around 5pm, in order to allow a good work-life balance. In Quebec, there are also 11 paid statutory holidays.


4. Neighbourhoods for all lifestyles

Montreal is divided into neighbourhoods that are as rich as they are diverse. Each of them has characteristics that give it a unique personality. Whether to settle or enjoy it for an evening, each sector has its attractions that make it charming. Here is a small overview of some notable neighbourhoods in Montreal:


Following the St. Lawrence River, Verdun offers a large number of green spaces and postcard-worthy panoramas. This charming area offers a variety of good restaurants, well-established shops (especially on Wellington, a renowned commercial artery) as well as trendy places for a vibrant nightlife.


This is Montreal's commercial sector where business coexists with leisure. With its shows, museums, shopping centers and restaurants, this district offers memorable experiences typical of the metropolis. It is in this district that Yaksa's office is located, which takes advantage of its prime location to offer an exceptional working environment.

The Plateau

The unofficial French Quarter of Montreal, the Plateau is sometimes nicknamed Little Paris because of the large population from France that occupies it. With its local shops and numerous recreational facilities, it is a trendy living environment (with great bakeries!).


A creative neighborhood, in full effervescence! The Mile-End has a large number of independent and trendy shops. There are also many start-ups, especially in the field of technology and video games.

The Village

A world-renowned 2SLGBTQ+ neighbourhood, the Village offers an inclusive, engaged and festive living environment. It allows its community to enjoy a rich commercial offer and represents a destination of choice that welcomes a large number of tourists every year.


A great place for families and those looking for an active neighbourhood life. Bringing together green spaces and several sports facilities, it is a dynamic place to live.

In addition to the neighbourhoods found on the island, many professionals choose to settle in the suburbs of Montreal, either on the North Shore or the South Shore. A good option for those who prefer to enjoy a large outdoor yard or enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city only from 9 to 5.


5. A diversified, year-round program

There is no shortage of cultural outings in Montreal! With its 44 museums, numerous festivals and a lively entertainment district, the city offers new attractions every season. Foodies and gourmands also benefit from Montreal's 6,000 restaurants, which offer menus ranging from traditional dishes to authentic international cuisine. Our team often visits our favorite restaurants, a few steps from the office

The sports scene is not to be outdone either thanks to our athletes who excel in many disciplines. Give in to hockey fever, our national sport, for a wild evening with a visit to the Bell Centre. The city also has stadiums for soccer, tennis and football. Something to please all fans!

In addition to these events, Montreal offers a multitude of free activities to keep you entertained without breaking the bank. Enjoy Mount Royal and its Tam-Tams, Clocktower Beach or the many outdoor skating rinks to practice your best wraparounds.


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