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Project duration

Phase 1: 4 months (tailor-made website)

Phase 2: 9 months (fully transactional)


Hilo, a new subsidiary of Hydro-Quebec, was specifically created to educate tens of thousands of users across the province on responsible energy management and accelerate adoption of Hilo’s smart products and services for home and business.  


To achieve this, Hilo required a tailor-made communication and commerce platform on the web to present its targeted service offering and products, including a transactional portion for membership acquisition. The platform also needed to be extremely secure and accessible as per Hydro-Quebec standards, and seamlessly integrated into the entire Hilo technology ecosystem.  


  • Work in synergy with 5 teams to build a new business from the ground up.   
  • Define a number of integration points, information flow and order lifecycle in a very short time.  
  • Focused software design for testability of a highly secure and performant application.   
  • Feature flag system development over Episerver rich customer targeting system. 


  • Two-phased approach for rapid launch of a tailor-made website in less than 4 months, with a fully transactional platform later that year to handle thousands of new subscriptions. 
  • Development of a cloud-based commerce foundation and e-commerce website providing a complete range of CMS modules for flexibility and easy personalization.
  • A "no drama" launch allowing to flip the switch knowing with confidence that everything had been thoroughly tested.   

Added value

  • The delivery of a tailor-made transactional website seamlessly integrated with Hilo’s CRM and systems to perform autonomous pre-validation of membership requests to optimize customer service capacity.
  • An innovative website delivering exceptional, personalized user experiences and optimized conversion funnel.
  • A website that supports “dark” launches of new features open only to select beta users allowing Hilo to learn, improve and then easily bring them to life for all.

The judges have spoken

Idéa Winner 2021 - Gold

Outstanding components and expertise for a new transactional website. 

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Idéa Winner 2021 - Silver

Innovative work in the development and programming of a digital product.

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Building a technological ecosystem while building the company itself is no simple task for anyone. Working closely with Hilo we successfully tackled the challenge. All the moving parts were aligned into a system where Episerver provides a flexible, secure and evolutive online channel.   

Philippe Ouimet
CTO and Enterprise Solutions Architect at Yaksa

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