With your enterprise website built in SharePoint, not only are you struggling with legacy technology, its mainstream support is now end-of life, and the same is looming for extended support.

Now's the time to future-proof and migrate your site into Episerver with Yaksa's export utility tool designed specifically to facilitate the project. No matter how complex, or how much historical and unstructured content you're dealing with.

Yaksa’s SharePoint to Episerver migration utility tool is compatible with:

It's time to migrate from stagnant, legacy technology to a worldclass, future-proof CMS like Episerver (Optimizely).


Automate and accelerate the migration of tens of thousands of pages, images and documents without a content freeze.

Provide site editors the control and flexibility to restructure in an efficient and effective way.

Ensure compliance, strict governance and security with automated workflow process

Forrester Leader 2021 Agile Content Management Systems (CMEes)

Watch the video series addressing specific pain points: