B2B and B2C tool rentals





Online catalog, eCommerce


Project Duration

6 months


Over the past decade, Simplex has established itself as a leader in Quebec for tool rentals in the B2C and B2B markets. In the last few years their business has experienced exciting growth, particularly in the construction and cinema industries. Along with an increased demand for their products and services, the business has been turned on its head with the new demand for digital commerce, particularly in the B2B sector.  

Along with a rebrand, the company needed to build a new website featuring their entire product catalog integrated with their ERP system. It was critical to the success of their online business that product availability and pricing were accurate and constantly up-to-date. With Episerver as their new CMS, they could then rapidly evolve to a transactional website that would offer clients a superior user experience. 


  • Legacy technology and disparate systems
  • Completely unstructured product information
  • Large variety of products and characteristics unique to each category 


  • A significant first effort to advise the Simplex team on creating an enriched online product catalog  
  • Back-end integration of Episerver with their existing ecosystem to add the new product catalog in their CMS 
  • Add eCommerce functionalities starting with customer accounts and cart reservations, then go transactional


Added value

  • Fully structured product information for optimal search and product comparisons 
  • New membership program, calculation tools and special content for professionals  
  • The ability to track and measure behaviour to optimize communications and offerings 


In the first 3 months

XX new online customer accounts 

XX% increase average order

After the first year

XX new online customer accounts 

200% increase average order (vs first 3 months) 

Client testimonial of quote from Yaksa specific to what made this project challenging and lessons learned/something new they had to tackle.