At Yaksa, we love what we do, day in and day out. The world of e-commerce is full of stimulating challenges and great victories. Wondering if this is a field for you? Here are five reasons why a career in e-commerce is a great place to grow:


1. Turn your passion for technology into a challenging vocation

Your career puts you at the forefront of the technological revolution. Artificial intelligence, new applications, metaverse: be among the first to discover them. Your expertise develops with new technologies and can be applied to an infinite number of contexts.  Working in e-commerce also means joining a community of web enthusiasts – ours in particular is the coolest club in town. Whether you speak HTML, Java or Python, we always get to understand each other!


2. Integrate a job where co-op is at the forefront

We often think that the work of an e-commerce professional happens between their computer and them, when it’s really not the case! To produce the most impactful e-commerce platform possible requires both a great deal of autonomy in carrying out your tasks and collaborating with various experts.  Also, e-commerce allows you to achieve great things... without leaving your screen (and sometimes even your house!) Whether it's home or online, you can always stay in touch with the rest of your team, no matter where you want to work. This makes it a profession of choice if teamwork, autonomy and flexibility are at the forefront of your needs.


3. Have a career that lives up to your ambitions

E-commerce puts you at the center of a company's activities. The skills developed are unique and combine a know-how that is highly sought after by organizations. The growing demand for e-commerce experts ensures a sustainable vocation rich in opportunities.  Every player finds their niche: the variety of tasks associated with e-commerce allows you to specialize in one or more spheres. Discover its many facets and develop your talent on what excites you the most.


4. Changing the world... in real time

Not all heroes wear capes: e-commerce experts allow many companies [from here and elsewhere] to expand into new markets. Seeing companies take our tactics to the next level is extremely rewarding.  In addition, digital technology makes it possible to accurately see the impact of our actions. This is a unique opportunity to test your reflexes and adjust your focus based on the results. You can test your ideas while reducing the damage as much as possible.


5. Push your limits on a daily basis

The field of e-commerce is a myriade of solutions. It offers a unique setting where strategy and creativity are at the heart of problem solving. Being logical and enjoying solving complex puzzles are essential to meet these challenges.

In addition to offering a stimulating environment, you integrate into a constantly expanding universe. Technologies are developing quickly and offer new opportunities to discover every day. All you have to do is explore them!


Are you the player we need? Join the game now by consulting our job offers.