April 3, 2017 Greg

How to activate Microsoft Partners Azure benefits using a corporate account?

Microsoft has a very compelling partners program when it comes to Azure. A new company that subscribes to Microsoft Partners Action Pack gets a monthly 100$ USD free credit. Partners reaching Cloud Platform Competency silver level get 510$ USD while gold gets 1100$ USD monthly.
In this article, you will learn how to activate, transfer and share your Microsoft Partners Azure Benefits subscription with your corporate accounts to use your free Azure credits.
Before buying an Action Pack or reaching silver or gold your company probably already has an Azure subscription and there’s a good chance the owners are organizational accounts (e.g. [email protected]). After all it is a normal reflex to use a corporate account when creating your organization’s azure subscription.

Microsoft Azure Benefit can only be claimed by a Microsoft personal account (i.e. Live id)

Yep, you cannot claim Azure benefits using a corporate account; you need to use your personal Microsoft email account known as live id. (i.e. @hotmail.com, @live.com, @msn.com, @passport.com and @outlook.com or any variant for a specific country).
What?! Well yeah this is how it currently works … However, even if it is not supported there are workarounds that will get you to the best possible supported scenario by following these steps:

1 - Claim your Azure benefits using a personal Microsoft email account

As stated, claim your Azure benefits using a Microsoft personal account. Click Here for the instructions.
This will create a new Azure subscription associated to the benefits and you will be able to enjoy free Azure credits.

2- Migrating your existing Azure subscription from your corporate account to your personal Microsoft account (Live id)

If you have existing resources in Azure under your corporate account, you probably want to migrate them to that newly created personal benefits subscription to enjoy your free credits. Well, now is the time to open a ticket in Microsoft Azure Portal. For instructions on how to create an Azure support ticket Click Here.
The support team will be able to migrate any existing subscription and resources “as is” from your corporate account to your personal account while keeping your Azure Benefits associated to it thus enabling your organization to enjoy the free Azure credits.

3- Grant full admin right to your corporate account to the benefit personal subscription

Go in your Azure portal with your personal account, select subscriptions and click on Access Control (IAM). In the following dialog, grant the required security to the individual that will be allowed to manage the benefits subscription with a corporate account.
When you log-in with your corporate account you will now have access to resources within your benefits subscription.

Other related questions:

When will Microsoft Azure Benefits support corporate accounts?

Well it’s under development…  You can follow progress Here and vote for it to support corporate account for Azure benefits.

Can the same azure benefit be claimed more then once by the same Microsoft personal account (Live id) ?

No you will need different Microsoft Account to claim the same type of benefits.



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